Lions in South Africa Have Started Napping On Roads

It seems the ones benefitting the most from the various lockdowns all over the world, are animals. Case and point, lions in South Africa have been photographed snoozing in the middle of a road!

Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa, has been tweeting photos and videos of animals roaming the park without the intrusion of tourists. One set of photos showed lions lounging on a vacant stretch of road.

“They are nocturnal animals and it is not unusual for them to sleep during the day, what is unusual is the utilisation of the tarred road because normally if there is traffic, they would not be using the tarred road,” said Ike Phaahla, a spokesperson for the park.

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Last week, Leopards were caught on CCTV footage near the hiking trails of Margalla Hills, Islamabad. Earlier this month, an entire Welsh town, Llandudno, was overrun by wild mountain goats.

While the situation around the world is quite scary because of the deadly pandemic, seeing animals enjoy some ounce of freedom without being endangered by humans is heart warming. If only we could learn to co-exist with these beautiful creatures, instead of exploiting them in every way possible.

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