HSY Fondly Recalls Prince Charles & Lady Diana’s Wedding Procession

HSY, a name that everyone knows and love in the fashion industry, has been very open about his life struggles and the journey that have brought him to the place he is today. So if you’re struggling, his story will give you all the hope you need in these grim, uncertain times.

For those that dream, and remain steadfast in their efforts to fulfill them – can do what HSY has been able to do. Life has come full circle for him – from simply catching a glimpse of Lady Diana during her wedding procession, while he was propped up on his mother’s shoulders in London, to meeting the Royals last year when Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Pakistan. He took to Instagram to talk about how he ended up here:

“Life is unpredictable and magical. Let me take you back. The date was 29th July 1981 in London. The Day of the Royal Wedding between (late) Lady Diana and Prince Charles. My mother was a secretary and a single mother, working hard raising us on a humble salary. I was a little boy who she took along with her to stand way back in line to get a glimpse of the procession. She held me up on her shoulders the entire time so i could see beyond the sea of people infront of us. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the Royal Carriage with the beautiful Queen of Hearts waving to the jubilant crowd as it passed us by. It was a magical moment. I was captivated. I would think about her and her regal posture, that stunning gown and her elegance and kindness for decades to come,” he wrote.

Like so many around the world, Lady Diana won more hearts than we could imagine “She inspired me like she inspired countless others.”

“Fast Forward to this picture. The Royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This meeting held a very special meaning for me. On the same year i was celebrating my 25 years in Fashion, It felt like i had come full circle. I had worked so hard to be where i was in life. My mother and sister had sacrificed so much to bring me to this place. You can imagine what this felt like for me. This recognition of being invited from a handful from Pakistan to be introduced to them for your contributions in your field. I was overcome with gratitude. The son and daughter in law of the very same person who sparked my desire to be who i am were standing right in front of me and acknowledging my work. I felt my mothers pride in her sons acknowledgement from another great woman’s son who was now recognizing mine,” he added. This explains why meeting the Royals meant so much to him.

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He ended his post in some of the most inspiring and hope-igniting words “Life is beautiful. Hard work and perseverance can make any dream a reality. Respect and kindness can open new avenues. Hope is all we need. Never lose that. Stay hopeful everyone. This too shall pass.”

We laud HSY for how far he’s come despite all the struggles along the way, and we couldn’t be happier to see him as a one of the bright stars of our fashion industry.

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