Farhan Saeed Pays Tribute to the Living Legends of Pakistan

In the past year or two, Pakistan has lost some of its greatest artistic gems. And every loss has sparked the question: why do we only celebrate our legends once they are gone? Why don’t we celebrate them while they are amidst us – living and breathing. Farhan Saeed, singer and actor, took it upon himself as the great honour to celebrate and pay tribute to the living legends. He made this announcement via his Instagram account:

“I wish to honour their lives and cherish their presence among us, and I wish to express gratitude for sharing this world with someone of their stature,” he said.

Up till now, Farhan has honoured the achievements and contributions of two legendary figures: actor Muhammad Qavi Khan and singer Abida Parveen. Talking about Qavi, Farhan Saeed praised his exemplary work as well as his forthcoming personality to lend a helping hand to the younger ones in the industry.


Anyone who has worked with Qavi sahab would know his demeanour only commands the utmost respect. He motivates younger actors by encouraging them to push the bar with each performance,” he said.

“To encourage us, Qavi sahab always tells us, we are better at what we do than his generation was. His wealth of experience is a guide book for those who have only just recently joined the industry,” Farhan said. He asked all his followers to join him in the celebration of this living legend. “For these reasons and many more, I wish to pay tribute to him and I call on each of you to also celebrate the legend that he is,” he said.

He concluded his note by reciting a quote by Qavi himself.  “Neeyat ki sachai or mohabbat may khaloos he mohabbat ka sadqa hai, (The truth of intentions and the heartiness in love is infact the gift of love).”

When it came to Abida Parveen, a woman every child and adult in Pakistan has learned to love and cherish – Farhan said that she “embodies the very essence of Sufism.” Recalling his personal experiences with Abida, he talked about how great of a person she is, despite being one of the most senior figures in the industry.

” The few times I have had a chance to meet with her, I have witnessed first hand her absolute humility and respect for others. Be it another musician or a fan, everyone and anyone is extended the same warmth and courtesy by her. This undoubtedly the trademark of a true Sufi,” he said. He rightly called her a “source of pride” for everyone in the country.

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“Abida ji is undoubtedly a source of pride and inspiration for every Pakistani. Her ever-willingness to learn and teach others is incredible and a lesson for us all. She has paved the way for generations to come and pursue their journey. I too take inspiration from her unmatched passion – her work has always been a major source of inspiration and motivation for me,” he said.

We laud his efforts to do what so many around him have been contemplating for so long. It’s about time we celebrate the stars in our industry – and not only once they are gone.



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