‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ Actress’s Instagram Account Has Her Pakistani Fans Upset

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Everyone’s favourite Turkish princess comes under fire for not being a fully covered, real life princess. But the only one’s firing the shots are Pakistani’s who expected a little too much from a fictional character.

The Turkish actress who plays ‘Halima’ in the show, Esra Bilgiç, posted pictures of herself on her Instagram, as one does, showing off her killer style and while she garnered praise from most fans, some Pakistani fans had a problem with her clothes ( unsurprisingly):

While others defended the actress:

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For us Pakistani’s, being attacked for our clothing choices is not new, but it was probably a first for Esra Bilgic. In the end, it’s best for everyone in the world to remember, Pakistani or not Pakistan, LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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