Celebs Demand Justice for Gulnaz Bibi Who Was Beaten By Her Own Son

A man named Arslan Chaudhry mercilessly thrashed his mother and sister in Rawalpindi, prompting outrage on social media after a video of the beating went viral. Social media users are demanding justice for the woman, Gulnaz Bibi who was brutally attacked by her son.

Gulnaz Bibi’s daughter Zoobia Ameer posted a video in which she detailed the incident and called for justice for her and her mother. She released a statement saying her brother took valuables including jewelry and cash from their home.

After the video went viral on social media, an FIR was registered against him and the son was arrested. However, an hour after his arrest, he was let go on bail. We are still not over the shock of how a son can do this to his own mother. And looks like, neither are our celebrities. Many celebs and prominent personalities have also condemned the incident and demanded justice for Gulnaz Bibi.

Taking to Twitter, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote: “Ya Allah. I don’t have words. At all…cant post that video.. deleted it. Oh my God deepest corner of hell awaits this demon who raised his hands on his old mother. Deepest most rotten corner of hell,” he said.

Ushna Shah while sharing the video clip of the incident talked about how just viewing it took an emotional toll on her. “In tears after watching this. This makes me want to fly to London and hug my mom,” the Bewafa actress noted.

She further adds, “How can anyone do this? This needs to be made viral, he needs to be put to shame. Disgusting. I’m so sorry to aunty, sorry Allah gave you such a filthy monster for a son,” she said.

Ali Rehman Khan tweeted: “How can one even think of raising their hands and calling their mother names? Appalled and sick to the stomachs he needs to be in prison.” he said.

Armeena Khan also demanded justice for Gulnaz Bibi and wrote:


Saba Qamar has also requested the authorities to take action:

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Zara Noor Abbas was also disgusted by this vile act:

We simply hope that strict legal action is taken against the perpetrator – for we cannot become a society that allows a son to return home after beating up his mother so ruthlessly. We cannot allow for such behaviour to be accepted under any circumstances.




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