Can You Guess the Ideal Song for “The Professor” if “Money Heist” Got a Bollywood Makeover?

He’s a master planner; he can practically come out of anything alive – very similar to those Bollywood movies where the hero remains unharmed even in the face of a platoon of soldiers. Remember all those scenes where SRK would manage to escape a hail of bullets by the gangster squad, and would not even get a scratch – well, that seems to be the general air around The Professor too – he’s the hero, after all; the brains behind each heist.

Now what were to happen if we saw a Money Heist remake as a Bollywood production? We know what the action sequence will look like and we also know the perfect song for him.

Once you watch this, we bet you’ll be begging for a Bollywood remake just for laughs.


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