Asim Jofa Begins Production of Protective Suits for Frontline Fighters of COVID-19

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Amid all the uncertainty in the world today, we have also seen many rise as beacons of hope. One such example is designer Asim Jofa and his team, who have taken it upon themselves to make protective medical equipment for frontline workers.


The Covid 19 crisis has seen doctors and nurses often working without the protective equipment while working day and night to save lives, because of which a number of health care staff have fallen victim to the virus. With a rise of cases in Pakistan, the concern has increased for the amount of protective medical equipment available to doctors and nurses. Asim Jofa announced on his Instagram, that he had taken the initiative to make Personal Protective Equipment for front line health care workers. This includes protective suits and masks, and he would distribute them for free in order to play his part in the fight against the virus. He also took to Instagram to announce that the protective suits had been approved by the team of Executive Director JPMC, Dr. Seemin Jamali.

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We must all take inspiration from such stories and do everything we can to help in these trying times.

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