5 Classic Pakistani Dramas to Get You Through Lockdown

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Are you already done bingeing the new season of Money Heist? Are you slowly running out of things to watch while hunkered down in your homes? Now is the best time to catch up on all the classic Pakistani dramas that you may have missed the first time around! Here are some of our favourites:


If you love historical pre-partition stories, and you love Fawad Khan, this is the show for you! Heartbreak, betrayal and harrowing depictions of the violence during partition, Dastaan is a true classic.

Bashar Momin

The evergreen Faisal Quereshi stars as the lead and according to reports, Bashar Momin is one of the most expensive dramas ever filmed in Pakistan. Suspense, love, drama, jealousy and hatred make this show a classic soap opera with never ending twists and turns that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Aangan (ARY)

This drama has a huge fan following, despite not being all over social media. Funny, warm and all about family, this drama will leave you in tears by the last episode. A must watch!

Mora Piya

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A story about two journalists who get married and face a tragedy on the night of their Baraat. The wife, played by Amina Sheikh, gets attacked and raped and the story follows the healing and hurdles the couples relationship goes through.


Considered a cult classic, this drama aired in 1986 but still resonates with audiences to this date. The tale of two sisters who are unexpectedly orphaned, the drama depicts the balance between material possessions and familial bonds. Perfect from start to finish, there is no way this drama won’t leave you in tears!

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