Ali Zafar’s Brother’s New Song, Blue Butterfly, Should Fly Away Forever

We are all for supporting new artists, especially when they hail from our little old country, but on the flip side it is also our job to call a spade a spade.

Daniyal Zafar, brother of Ali Zafar, now known as DANNY ZEE, has released an international track titled “Blue Butterfly.” We’re guessing he decided to release it internationally so he can sing about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll? Um atleast he has the sex part down for sure:

” I would make love to you high above,

the stars and the moon until I’m blind in love”

“If I just slept right here would your lover mind?

I know it’s wrong but it feels so right.”

The video is also quite sensual, and not badly done at all to be completely fair, and probably the reason why he targetted international audiences and not the Pakistani audience. ( Lots of almost nudity)

The track is POSSIBLY heavily inspired by the song “Blue Veins” by the Racaonteurs. Even the backwards Morrison concept, even the name. Just saying.

The boy is talented, we’re are not denying that, and we truly hope he goes far and represents Pakistan well, but the vocals on the track seem a little shaky, especially during the longer notes. Have a listen:

In a recent interview, the artist himself spoke of the inspiration of the song, and credits an ex girlfriend, “You can say that this is my ‘last calling’ to her. A yearn. A box full of cherished memories that I haven’t let go of yet. And I don’t know if I ever can. See, sometimes, you move on but without ever getting over.”

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The good thing is, while his older brother sticks to pop oriented tracks , Danyal has dipped his toes in a pond laced with Rhythm & Blues, tinged with a bit of John Mayer-ish stylings and Zayn Malik-esque crooning. He’s gone the complete opposite route of baray bhaiya, which is great. And the fact that he plans to make it big in a territory not stained with Ali Zafar’s influence shows that he strayed away from the Nepotism route somewhat, so good for him.

The song also goes on and on and on which we don’t love. Unbiasedly, if a NEW artist released a 6 minute long song we would not give it the time of day, but because it’s a fellow Pakistani ( possibly trying to deny his roots? We’ll see) we listened to the whole thing, and we hate to say it, it’s kinda sorta stuck in our heads.

Apart from the slight plagiarism, a bunch of off key notes, and the length, Danyal Zafar, oh sorry, DANNY ZEE, has released an okay track. It is the first of it’s kind from a Pakistani artist, if nothing else.

Do you agree with us? Or is this song perfection in every which way? Let us know!

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