This Ginger Tea Will De-Bloat Your Tummy FAST

Has your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy already gone off the rails a week into 2020? Did you accidentally end up bingeing on your favourite junk food at the end of a long day? While a time machine has yet to be invented, the next best thing we can do for you is to introduce you to Ginger Tea.

Ginger has endless benefits for the body, the digestive system to be specific.It aids in indigestion and expands blood vessel size, which increases body heat and allows you to burn more fat.Decaf tea itself relaxes and soothes your body, helping to keep your appetite and hormone levels in check. And including ginger and lime can power up your mug with anti-inflammatory and metabolism-boosting effects. Here’s how to make a simple, zesty cup of ginger tea, perfect to sip on right before bed:


Grated Ginger (to taste)

Lime/Lemon Juice (1 tsp)


Boil a cup of water. Add in grated ginger and allow it to steep for five minutes. Add a teaspoon of lime/lemon juice and stir. Pour into your favourite mug, and sip to reap all the benefits of the killer combination of ginger and lime.


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