Tahira Abdullah Schools Khalil Ur Qamar on What It Means to be a Woman!

In a country that has birthed remarkable women like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Tahira Abdullah, Sabeen Mahmud, Malala Yousafzai, and Asma Jahangir, and countless others whose work never makes the headlines but continues to better the country on grass-root levels. And yet, when it comes to discussing women’s rights, it’s people like Khalid ur Rehman that are asked to be on the panel. SHOCKING, right?

Last night, Tahira Abdullah, a woman that needs no introduction for she is a Pakistani human rights activist, social scientist and supporter of gender equality, who is a representative of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Women’s Action and so so much more, appeared on Samaa Tv alongside Khalil ur Rehman for a discussion on women and women’s rights. In light of the past few statements by Khalil ur Rehman himself, why he was asked to comment on women in the first place (higher TRPs?).

Moving on, it was pure joy watching Tahira Abdullah school Khalil ur Rehman on what it means to be a woman – to be born with the rights that the constitution grants us and to not be defined as a “first rate” or “second rate” woman depending on what a man thinks of us. Here’s a short clip of Tahira Abdullah speaking with such dignity and grace, with such great command on the Urdu language that it almost feels like she’s writing poetry with each word (Khalil ur Rehman’s clueless expressions are just the cherry on top):

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