Rizwana Torture Case | How Are The Events Unfolding?

An incident took place in Islamabad where a 14-year-old domestic worker, Rizwana was allegedly subjected to abuse and violence by the wife of Civil Judge, Asim Hafeez. The events continued to unfold as the statement of the victim was released.

Overview of Rizwana Torture Case

Rizwana worked as a housemaid at the residence where the incident occurred, and it is alleged that she endured torture at the hands of the judge’s wife. The medical examination conducted by a board of doctors revealed that Rizwana had been poisoned and diagnosed with sepsis, a potentially life-threatening infection. These findings emerged after a detailed examination by the medical board. Rizwana’s condition is critical, and she is currently receiving treatment at Lahore General Hospital. The medical board has emphasized the importance of the next 24 hours for her well-being. The severity of her injuries and the poisoning indicate the serious nature of the alleged abuse she suffered.

The update on the case

As a result of the medical report, the charges against the accused have been increased, and the FIR has been amended to include attempted murder and severe bodily harm. This case has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the exploitation and mistreatment of domestic workers, highlighting the urgent need for stricter regulations and protection for vulnerable individuals in such circumstances. Rizwana’s parents expressed their satisfaction with her treatment and demanded justice for their daughter. They are deeply distressed by her condition and are determined to see the perpetrators held accountable. The Lahore High Court granted protective bail to Somia Asim, the wife of the civil judge implicated in the violence against Rizwana, until August 1. This decision was made during a hearing related to the case of violence against the young domestic worker. The bail allows Somia Asim to avoid arrest until the specified date.

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It is important to note that a case has been registered against Somia Asim at an Islamabad police station. However, the police have not yet apprehended the accused wife of the civil judge who stands accused of torturing the domestic worker. Efforts are underway to locate and bring her to justice. The statements from Rizwana’s parents and the granting of protective bail to Somia Asim shed light on the ongoing legal proceedings and the quest for justice in this case. The incident has drawn attention to the need for prompt action and accountability in cases of violence against domestic workers, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of vulnerable individuals. In a separate development, an additional district and sessions judge in Islamabad granted pre-arrest bail to Soumya Asim, who is accused of raping underage maid Rizwana. The bail is valid until August 7, and Soumya Asim was required to post a bond worth Rs 0.1 million.

The court instructed Soumya to cooperate with the investigation and appear before Additional Sessions Judge Farrukh Farid in the upcoming hearings. In her application to the court, Soumya Asim refuted the allegations made in the FIR, claiming they were fabricated. She asserted that Rizwana had been hired as a maid with her parents’ consent and that she had never subjected her to any form of abuse. Soumya further stated that she had treated Rizwana kindly, just like her own three children. She argued that the facts were being distorted and used against her, presenting herself as a victim of a negative campaign targeting her husband, a civil judge with a good reputation. Additionally, Soumya mentioned the mental trauma she was experiencing due to the case and emphasized that, as an educated and respectable woman, she was being falsely implicated out of malice. This summary provides an overview of the developments in the case, including the medical report, the reactions of Rizwana’s parents, the granting of protective bail to Somia Asim, and the pre-arrest bail granted to Soumya Asim.

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