Quotes On Vehicles That Will Make You Laugh

Growing up, we’ve all had a habit of reading boards, banners and of course, those funny (and sometimes oddly depressing) quotes behind cars, rickshaws and trucks. We’ve compiled a list of the funniest quotes we’ve come across that will make you feel oddly proud of our culture. Pointer: This might even help you brush up on your rusty Urdu reading/speaking skills.

1.Heartbreak never sounded this funny:

2.What an amazing idea for a Missing Person poster:

3.When burgers taste this good, you HAVE to write about them!

4.You can even show off your bilingual skills this way:

5.For all those madams that love to pout – here’s a message for you:

“Pout magar pyaar se”

6.Expect words of wisdom:

7.Can ever make you wonder about our society on a philosophical level:

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8.Somebody that I used to know…

9.”Kabhi Ao Na Khushboo Laga K” lives on:

10.And then the real OGs that just mind their own business:

Next time you’re on the road, look out for these quotes. The world of rickshaw/truck quotes is truly limitless.

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