PM Imran Khan’s Lookalike in Sialkot has Sent Twitter into a Frenzy

Twitter has a great way of finding out dopplegangers, and has done so several times in the past. And once again, Twitter has hit gold after a video, shot in Sialkot, of someone bearing an uncanny resemblance to Prime Minister Imran Khan took the social platform by storm. That young man was spotted enjoying his rickshaw ride and in minutes of this video being shared on the internet – he became an instant sensation.

Several fan clubs and netizens shared the viral video of Pakistan PM Imran Khan lookalike on social media. Watch the video to feast your eyes on the dashing good looks of this young man:

And of course, some Twitter reactions are too good to not share:

But here’s the real kick – he looks a lot more like a love child of Hrithik Roshan and Imran Khan. This, and several other dopplegangers that have popped up over the years really make you wonder if you too, have a lookalike somewhere in the world.



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