Mahira Khan Shuts Down Troll Who Wants Internet Access to be Taken Away From Celebs in Lockdown

Mahira Khan is proving to be the Queen of clap backs.

On Monday, the following tweet was posted to Mahira Khan’s twitter account:

Junichi Masuda is a Japanese video game composer, director, designer, producer, and programmer best known for his work in the Pokémon franchise, which is why he is tagged in the tweet posted by Khan’s son Azlan, as he has designed a brand new Pokémon!

While most of us think this is quite an achievement for a boy of such a young age, there are haters everywhere. Not long after Mahira Khan’s tweet, a twitter user posted the following:

Twitterati was not having it, and were quick to defend Mahira and her son:

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And as we all know, there is no one more protective than a mother. Mahira Khan took down this hater with some choice words:

Way to go Mama!

While everyone thinks celebrities have no right to their own lives and don’t feel all the insults and hate hurled at them, making personal attacks and targeting a CHILD is a new low.

Spread love, not hate and give future generations the room they need to grow, regardless of who their parents are.

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