Mahira Khan and Shoaib Mansoor Give Iqbal’s “Lab Pe Ati Hai Dua” A New Colour on Women’s Day

Mahira Khan, a woman that is not only our country’s pride and probably one of the very few superstars that we adore and love to bits – had lately come under fire for simply stating an opinion. However, despite being called names and being wrongly accused of being a “selective feminist”, she not only walked the Aurat March but has also teamed up with Shoaib Mansoor to bring another gem to the midst.

To say the least, this is just what we needed on a day like yesterday when the world celebrated women in all shape and form. Titled “Dua e-Reem”, literally meaning “prayer of a woman”, this is a clever take on Allama Iqbal’s much loved “Lab Pe Ati Hai Dua”. The video shows a young bride’s (Mahira Khan) prayer with regards to her new husband and the home she is about to make her own.

Set in a beautiful Haveli setting, this prayer shows a the past and the present almost side by side. The 8 minute long video shows a contrast of the old and young mindset, and moreover, a stark difference in how women were told to withstand any injustice to make a home and a marriage work. However, the present is reflected upon a women being able to and having the strength to say “NO” in the face of injustice and wrongdoing.

The song opens with a lovely sangeet ceremony and the usual giggles and joy surrounding such an event in any home. However, the shot soon turns to the elders in the family teaching the young bride to be submissive to her husband. This is also demonstrated in a part of the prayer where the elders teach her to withstand when she’s beaten up by her husband, and to always be the light even when her husband is responsible for bringing darkness into the home. And before this leaves you fuming, wait for it. The good part is right around the corner.

Just then, Mahira Khan (the young bride) asks the elderly women to stop singing – it’s her wedding, and she’ll make a prayer for herself. The words just won our heart “The house should be his, but the rule must be mine. To love my husband should be my conviction – not worship, slavery or total submission. You have created him a man, my Lord. Now, teach me how to make him a human.”

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You can watch the whole video here:

Releasing such a beautiful prayer for every woman out there on Women’s Day is just what we needed. And we hope, that this becomes the anthem of every woman, no matter what age, caste, nationality or religion.

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