Lessons to Take from Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s Wedding

This celebrity couple has broken the internet with their love and recent wedding. Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have finally tied the knot, and we must say, they make an adorable couple. But being celebrities, the nation watches them like a hawk. And we must say, their wedding has served up some amazing lessons and reminders that all upcoming brides and grooms should learn from:

1)Weddings don’t have to be an outrageous affair

It’s a wedding. You don’t have to be broke by the end of it. Recently, weddings have become more about the decor and the jora than the real joy that the occasion brings with it. From designer joras to high end decor companies, weddings have now become more of a business than a joyous occasion that brings two families together. Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain opted for simple Mehndi and Walima functions that took place at their homes. Only the Nikkah/Baraat event was an outdoor event with minimal decor. Despite being celebrities, the media watching them like a hawk, and every bit of their wedding being public news, they still opted for simplicity even with the presence of big names from the industry. Why can’t wedding be more about that?

2)No lain dain (gift exchange)


Looks like this wedding focused on their love, utmost joy and the celebration of a new beginning. We applaud both sides for putting aside societal norms and pressures, and not indulging in jahaiz and bari making. We hope this idea catches on.

3)Iqra Aziz only wore artificial jewellery

Where are the tolas at? Unafraid of “log kya kaheingay”, the couple did not spend ridiculous amounts of money buying gold jewellery. Iqra only wore artificial jewellery on all her days. Ladies, if you can’t afford it, please don’t bend over backwards to buy some gold tolas. They’ll end up in the locker anyway!

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4)Yasir was unafraid to show affection to his new wife

Right after the “qabool hai” bit of the nikkah was done, and they were finally pronounced as husband and wife – Yasir separated the floral hangings and went forward to hug his new wife. And the haters will always have something negative to say – but we thought it was a truly adorable moment.

5)It’s the time to disco!

It’s your own wedding. You are allowed to enjoy it! Iqra and Yasir danced the night away with friends surrounded by friends and family, and that’s how we think it should be!

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