Khaas is over, Faakhir is dead and we are NOT happy!

Where do we start? 27 weeks of Khaas and THIS is how it ends? It took us about a night and a day to get over how they wrapped up the show and to be honest, we are still not sure how we feel about it. We’re all for drama serials reflecting the empowerment of women, but somehow, the death of Faakhir seemed like a very Bollywood inspired turn of events. From the dreams he saw of his eventual car crash, to him constantly mentioning his early death, Faakhir’s demise seemed like what we call DDM “Director Di Marzi”.

Faakhir’s death was a twist that we saw coming – were we pleased? Hell no! We do understand that they wanted to show her to be an empowered, independent woman for whom her loving husband’s memories and newborn son were enough to live with for the rest of her life. Especially in the face of a narcissistic man. But can we be honest? After all that Saba endured during the course of this show, we just believe that she deserved a happy ending.

Her independence and empowerment had already been reinstated with Faakhir’s entry into her life, her new job and new found self worth. While there is so much that we love about the show, we also believe that Ammar should’ve gotten much worse than a 2nd divorce and a rejection by his cousin (cousin marriage – um, glad that wasn’t promoted in the show, haha!).

Had we written the show, Ammar would’ve met with more humiliation that a rejection from his ex wife, a rejection by his cousin and a divorce by his second wife. Maybe he should’ve been the one that died in the car crash, haha! But, Faakhir does represent an ideal husband – a role model that several young men should look up to. Being a supportive husband and treating your wife with respect doesn’t make you weak – that’s what makes you a stand up guy (a human being over everything else!).

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We’re #TeamFaakhir (not that you couldn’t tell already, haha!)

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