Juggan Kazim Opens Up About the Horrific Ordeals She Faced in Her First Marriage

Juggan Kazim, popular model, actress and television host, sat down with Samina Peerzada for her Youtube show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’, and revealed some harrowing truths about her previous marriage to one Ahmed Kajik.

While Juggan was settled in Canada, she flew down to Pakistan to attend a friend’s wedding, where she met her now ex-husband, Ahmed Kajik. ‘Doh baray close Canada ki friends ki shadi thi. Uss shadi keliye ayi, Hamza ke Abba takray, chup ke Nikkah karliya. Cute bannay ka shauk tha. Aik Sunday ko mili, aglay Sunday ko Nikkah karliya, aur Canada wapas he nai gayi.”

When asked by Samina Peerzada how Juggan was able to fall in love in a week, Juggan responded “Jab aglay banday ki shakal achi ho toh hojata hai aik haftay mei pyaar!’

This seemingly adorable love story took a scary turn within weeks.

‘Don’t forget I came from a broken home”, Juggan told Peerzada. ” When you come from a broken home, the last thing you want is keh apki bhi talaak ho. Nikkah karliya dheetayi mei, phir shadi bhi chalayi dheetayi mei.”

“Pehli maar 3 haftay baad pari.”

“6 mahinay baad chordiya tha initially. Unn 6 mahino mei bari burri tarah maara usnay, burra haal kardiya. Allah maafi dey, it’s one of those things where now if I see a picture of someone who has been physically abused, I see myself in them. Their face morphes into mine.”

“Mei heraan hojati thi maar khanay ke baad. Aik toh mei sheesha nai dekhti thi, but jab ghalti se nazar par jati thi kabhi my eyes were swollen and bruised, my face was bruised and black and blue, my head was cut open most of the time, there were swollen bumps on my head sometimes.”

“Pehli dafa jab maara, mei janay lagi thi. I packed all my things and was leaving, but wo mere pairon par gir gaya. You know aik 6’4 aadmi jab apke paon pakar kar dhaarein maar kar rota hai, toh kahin na kahin your heart melts. I kept thinking he made a mistake, and I have also made so many mistakes in my life, not to this extent ofcourse, but still.”

“I still don’t know why he beat me the first time, or the last time. It was always completely random.”

“Once I bent infront of the fridge to grab the milk carton to make him doodh pati. The cook was in the same kitchen, working. Ahmed, right there and then, grabbed me by the hair and started beating me viciously, claiming I was trying to turn the cook on by bending over. He’s the one who asked me to make him doodh pati!”

“To this day I still feel angry, but I also pity him. This is a man who is sick, and no one can cure him. Allah usko khush rakhay, usko lambi sehat wali zindagi dey.”

“The verbal abuse never stopped either. ‘Apni shakal dekhi hai? Manhoos. Hum Tajik itnay yeh, hum Tajik itnay woh. Tum ghitti si, tum chitti, tum moti’ , jab ke mei single pasli thi uss zamany mei! ”

“Agar hamaray mulk mei itna bara sitgma na hota talaak ka, toh auratein violence ke sath na rehti.”

“He used to say just watch, everyone is going to call you a divorced bitch now. Jis tarah teri maa ki talaak hui thi, waisay he teri hogi.”

“He isolated me. Every other day he would break my mobile so I couldn’t stay in contact with anyone. But at the same time I was also working and supporting the household.”

” My cousins had to bring guards to extract me from that house.”

” Then I found out I’m pregnant. I contacted Ahmed and informed him I’m pregnant, but I’m not planning on coming back. When you want to meet him you can meet him. In response he threatened me. He said ‘ Tum yeh bacha paida karo, mei press conference karke kahuga keh  meine isliye tumhe ghar se nikaala hai kyunke yeh bacha hai he nai mera.’

“I ended up going back to him. If he followed through with this threat my child would forever have this stamp on their heads. What could I have done?”

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“Puri pregnancy maar maar kar literally kutta kardiya.”

‘The birth itself was incredibly graphic. I came home from work at 10pm and went into labour at 2am. My water didn’t break, and I started bleeding through my clothes, which is incredibly dangerous in pregnancy. He initially refused to take me to the hospital and when he did, Ziauddin Hospital refused to take me because we didn’t have money. It was 23rd March, banks were closed, all the money at home had been spent by Ahmed. Then we went to Liaquat National Hospital, they also refused. Then we went to Agha Khan, they didn’t have a baby ventilator. We ended up back at Ziaduddin hospital as my khala had arranged the money without Ahmed finding out, since I wasn’t allowed to meet or speak to anyone.”

‘It had been 6 hours since my labour started. My clothes were covered with blood. Aik toh dard aur aziyat apni jaga, ap humiliation sochein.”

‘If my family had come near me at that time to help, he would’ve strangled me and hurt them too.”

‘ My ribs had hairline fractures during my pregnancy. When you’re pregnant and your ribs are injured it feels like koi seekhain ghussa raha hai apke andar, kyunke bacha hilta hai.”

‘ I had a caesarean. I woke up after the surgery and Ahmed was literally about to punch me but the doctors came in at the right moment. Muqa kyu marnay laga? Kyunke tumne itna drama kyu daala.’

“He disappeared for ten days after the baby was born and left one of his goons outside my hospital room so no one could come in. One day my khala took me home with her, and a few seconds after I reached Ahmed returned and took me back to our house.”

” He continuted to beat me, but one day he threatened our child, and saari battiyan dimagh ki on hogayi and I finally decided to leave for good. I  moved to Lahore and started to pick up the pieces of my life. My son Hamza saved my life.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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