Interfaith Harmony Amidst Burning Delhi: Gurdwaras Open Doors for Muslims

In the wake of the new citizenship law that is also referred to as the anti-Muslims law in India, there have been a lot of communal clashes along religious lines. Started on the 23rd of February, 23 are already reported dead with over 150 injured. And while your faith falters in democracy when you view the LARGEST democracy of the world resort to such tactics to sideline a section of community and the resulting violence where men and women are pelted with stones, dragged on the streets, beaten up with sticks and stones and forced to sing “Vand e Matram” – it almost reminds you of the horrors of the partition of 1947.

However, even amidst the chaos, interfaith harmony flourishes as Gurdwaras open doors for Muslims fleeing from violence. According to a report in India Times, members of the Sikh community are not only providing shelter to the Muslims in their own places of worship, they are also patrolling the streets with their neighbours to ensure that the homes of Muslims in their area do NOT get attacked in the riot infested city of Delhi.

In such trying times, people are from the Sikh community stand united with Indian Muslims. We’re hoping and praying that love can conquer all.

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