Iman Ali Thinks Mahira Khan Should Have Stayed a VJ

It looks like Iman Ali is going to be the latest celebrity to have a problem with Mahira Khan.

In a teaser released for Youtube show Say It All with Iffat Omar, it seems that Iman Ali will be letting it all out and let her opinions be known in regards to her late father, her battle with Multiple Sclerosis, her upcoming film ‘Tich Button’, and surprising of all, Mahira Khan:


When asked by the host what she thinks Mahira Khan should be doing if she hadn’t pursued a career in acting, the former model replied, “Mahira Khan? I think usko VJ he rehna chaiyeh tha.”

Despite this being a teaser, the context seems pretty clear. As to why the model feels this way about the superstar, we will find out  when this episode is released. It’s going to be a good one!


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