Hafeez Ullah Sheikh: Crafting Wonders and Setting Trends with Novacolor

Novacolor Pakistan, a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship, invites you to embark on an experience where walls become the canvas for an opus of hues and textures, fusing design poetry and alchemy. Walls are the unsung heroes of architecture, with the ability to lift places from the mundane to the extraordinary. They are more than just walls; they tell stories of elegance, inventiveness, and everlasting beauty.

The Legacy of Novacolor:

Novacolor Pakistan, an expert of premium Italian wall finishes. Novacolor is a premier brand of the prestigious San Marco Group which specializes in high-end finishes for both interior and exterior spaces. What defines Novacolor is not just its focus to aesthetics but also its unrelenting commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.
As a key member of the San Marco Group, which inherits an illustrious 80-year legacy and a global presence in over 100 countries; its global association highlights the originality and quality inherent in each Novacolor product. Architects and color designers all around the world regard Novacolor as a benchmark of excellence. Beyond its aesthetic excellence, Novacolor’s objective focuses upon environmental conservation.

The brand perfectly mixes utility, eco-consciousness, and design aesthetics, making it a go-to choice for people who want not just beauty but also a mindful approach in lovingly designing their spaces. Novacolor crafts a masterpiece where every stroke turns walls into breathtaking works of art. With Novacolor’s phenomenal and flawless finish, walls are transformed into never-ending celebrations of class and creativity.

Introducing Novacolor’s Excellence to Pakistan: 

In the midst of Pakistan’s saturated architectural milieu, one individual emerges as a standout figure: Hafeez Ullah Sheikh, the visionary behind ushering Novacolor into the country. Hafeez Ullah Sheikh’s narrative unfolds as a compelling tale of passion, artistic exploration, and an unyielding commitment to transforming spaces into captivating canvases of artistic expression. His artistic journey, shaped by a fusion of various inspirations, led him to the doorstep of Novacolor, an Italian company renowned for its superior decorative finishes.

In a professional environment lacking opportunities for interior designers, Hafeez Ullah Sheikh recognized the potential in specializing in wall finishes, particularly after discovering the exceptional products offered by Novacolor. Fourteen years ago, he successfully launched Novacolor in Pakistan, securing exclusive rights to the brand.

Under Hafeez Ullah Sheikh’s leadership, Novacolors flourished, providing an exclusive and diverse range of finishes for various interior spaces, including commercial organizations, private residences, workplaces, shops, and apartments. Collaborations with Pakistan’s top architects solidified Novacolors’ reputation as a symbol of refinement, creativity, and artistic expression.

Hafeez Ullah Sheikh’s journey serves as an embodiment of the transformative influence of vision and perseverance. By introducing Novacolor to Pakistan, he introduced a new design language, offering a palette of possibilities that continues to shape the country’s architectural landscape. Today, Novacolor transcends being a mere brand; it symbolizes Hafeez Ullah Sheikh’s dedication to quality and the timeless allure of Italian design brilliance in the heart of Pakistan.

Color Trends 2024 by Novacolor Unveiled at IAPEX 2023:



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Novacolor Pakistan created headlines at the IAPEX Expo 2023 by introducing the much-anticipated Color Trends 2024, in a fascinating convergence of global design trends. The display, set up at the Expo Center in Lahore, transformed into a dynamic canvas where Pakistani architects and home builders immersed themselves in a fascinating experience of “In Search of Lost Color.”

The Color Trends 2024, thoroughly studied and organized by OTTO Studio’s acclaimed Designer Gian Paolo Venier, with creative direction from Freedot, were not only a visual extravaganza but a sensuous trip inspired by the varied qualities of spices.

The IAPEX Expo 2023 provided an opportunity for architects and designers to not only witness but also explore these color trends firsthand. The meticulously created palettes, each conveying a narrative that exceeds the ordinary, demonstrated Novacolor’s dedication to pushing the frontiers of design and aesthetics.

The confluence of the IAPEX and the Milan launch demonstrates Novacolor’s dedication to offering a worldwide design experience locally. It demonstrates the brand’s willingness to accept and present the most recent trends, ensuring that Pakistan remains at the forefront of worldwide conversations about design.

Color Trends Of 2024:

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The spice-inspired color palette resonates with a sensory trip that leads individuals to a world where each color palette reflects a nuanced exploration of the four elements. This one-of-a-kind method, stated by Gian Paolo Venier himself, underlines that a color is a sum of vibrations, and the variations within each hue offer a never-ending quest of discovery.


Collaboration with Visionaries:

Novacolor Pakistan transcends its identity as a mere wall finish brand, assuming a pivotal role in the creation of architectural marvels. This collaborative journey entails partnerships with some of the nation’s most distinguished architects, contributing to the conception of spaces that challenge conventional architectural norms. Here are notable architects who have experienced the exceptional finesse of Novacolor in their designs:

  1. Aqeel Bilgrami
  2. Ali Naqvi
  3. Sohail Shah
  4. Shahid Abdullah
  5. Rashid Rasheed
  6. Afaq Ahmed
  7. Farhan Bhatti
  8. Mazhar Munir Architecture Firm
  9. Shahid Khan
  10. Ahmed Riaz
  11. Abdullah Khan
  12. Galleria Design
  13. Cube Design

These visionary architects have harnessed the unparalleled elegance of Novacolor, contributing to the realization of architectural masterpieces that challenge conventions and redefine spatial aesthetics.

The Loft House

“The Loft House” nestled within the stunning Mujahid Farms & Stables complex, at the crossroads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan is a tribute to Novacolor’s revolutionary collaboration with visionary architects Khyyam Ikram Design/Build and Umer and Hasnain Architects.

This modern farmhouse seamlessly integrates traditional South Asian concepts with cutting-edge design, providing a sustainable and classy living ambiance. Novacolor’s dedication to sustainability is significant feature of this endeavor. They created groundbreaking innovations such as the Wall2Floor micro-cement system, which provides seamless and unified finishes for walls and floors, in collaboration with local partner Innovators. Antiche Patine, a classic color wash known for its eco-friendly composition and resistance to the weather, adds to the exterior’s natural beauty.

This project is more than just architecture; it is a canvas on which Novacolor’s ideal combination of heritage and innovation can be seen in all its glory. “The Loft House” conveys a tale of sustainable living in every aspect, fusing the past, present, and future.

In essence, Novacolor is about creating experiences, telling tales, and leaving an unforgettable imprint in the architectural world. It’s a celebration of aesthetics, sustainability, and a journey spanning the globe through the lens of color.

After all, Walls are Forever!

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