Here’s Your First Look at Mountain Dew’s ‘ The Great Drift-Off’!

Mountain Dew has done it once more! In grand Monal, on a bright day, you may have heard some noisy fires up and swerves, as 2 master wanderers took on the streets that breeze around the mountainside along with VJ Shehzad, who was the unsuspecting friend who did not know what he is in for.
An action packed film that grandstands the abilities of Jim; Mountain Dew’s “The Great Drift-Off” is one for the ages.  You’ll see heaps of exciting moves along sharp furrows on hairpin curves as Jim and Mike push the limits of their racing capacities. On the beautiful and picturesque roads of Margalla Hills, all three of the men have the time of their lives, overflowing with thrill and excitement. The jaw dropping sharp turns and drifts are for no weak hearted man, but for those who seek adventure to fulfil their desires and live on the edge.

Racing and Drifting is an art mastered over time and is definitely not a sport for the faint hearted. So secure your safety belts, put on your helmets and have a look at ‘The Great Drift-Off’ ASAP!

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