Has Khalil Ur Rehman Overstepped Again With His New Dialogue

Khalil ur Rehman, a writer that some love and others love to hate. Known for his controversial statements and choosing to always highlight the “wronged man” over the “wronged woman”, his work is always surrounded by a female antagonist which always creates a lot of media hype. His dialogues, and his own words, on top of the actual storyline, create a lot of media buzz. And even though we are all in love with his latest work “Meray Pass Tum Ho”, the latest episode over the weekend has left us puzzled.

When Rehmat Ajmal, playing Danish’s friend’s wife, Ayesha, asks Danish if he could find it in his heart to forgive Mahwish, his response has left us wondering if Khalil Ur Rehman has taken it too far this time.

Ayesha: Aik baar apni biwi ko maaf kernay ki himmat tou kero. Koi tou ho jo aurat ko bhi maaf ker deta ho!

Danish: Aisay mein bhi sochta hoon. Chahta hoon k usko maaf ker doon. Lekin phir Khuda yaad aa jata hai mujhay.

Ayesha: Matlab?

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Danish: Shirk tou khuda bhi maaf nai kerta

Now here’s the problem we’re facing. Did Khalil ur Rehman just compare cheating on your partner to committing Shirk? Because to be fair, the two are NOT mistakes of the same magnitude. So we wonder, was this comparison necessary? Was this comparison even just? Did Khalil ur Rehman push it too far this time? You be the judge!

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