Greenland Becomes Only Country With No Active Coronavirus Cases After Recovery of Initial 11 Patients

After the recovery of 11 coronavirus patients, Greenland has become the only place with no active cases.

The medical office  in Denmark reported this week that since the confirmed cases of the virus in Greenland have cleared up, the island was now the only place without cases of the virus as the number of infected patients surge elsewhere.

The European Union Observer reported that all of the cases had occurred in the capital city of Nuuk. Diagnosed citizens had gone into curfew and since recovered. The report pointed out that the largest island in the world with a population of 57,000 and a lack of a heath care system would be hit hard by the virus.

“A grim history of deadly epidemics brought to Greenland in the 18th and 19th century by European colonizers has fueled fears that the coronavirus, if not checked, will fast reach the many small outlying villages, thereby creating urgent and impossible demands for emergency air transport and intensive care in Greenland’s small hospitals,” the report noted.

However, it is unclear whether the virus would return, since Nuuk is entirely closed. Recently, local officials have banned entrance and exit from the city without permission and even closed it to private boats and snowmobiles.

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The officials implemented restriction against the COVID-19 across the autonomous country with no flights or ships entering the island without special permission, a smart and effective decision despite only 11 cases.


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