“Gossip Girl” Memes Featuring Serena and Blair Have Taken Over the Internet

Hey Upper East Siders, Blair & Serena are back with a bang. And who better than me to report it?

-xoxo, Gossip Girl.

The Gossip Girl meme that ignited the fire is so basic, yet so genius, that we understand why it went viral and inspired similar other gems. The meme features Blake Lively’s Serena up top, asking a question or making a statement, then Leighton Meester’s Blair below retorting back with some sort of anagram or edit of the term “gossip girl.” And that kind of also refreshes the memory of Serena’s questions and statements being received by Blair’s sarcastic remarks and wit.

The first meme started with this:

Serena say, “i have to pee.” Blair’s response? “go p*ss girl.” It makes more sense with the visual below:

And then, so many more memes followed:

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While everyone’s anxiety is through the roof, these memes have set forth a wave of laughter. And let’s be honest – we all love Gossip Girl – just like Ryan Reynolds:


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