Gauchos Steakhouse: Here’s What We Thought

Lahore’s buzzing food scene has been blessed with another eatery that you’re about to spend your entire pay check on and it’s called Gauchos Steakhouse. Located in the heart of the city, especially when it comes to food, Gauchos opened at Mall One not too long ago and we had the pleasure to go and taste all the delicious goodness it has to offer.

The presentation of everything was spot on. From the appetisers to the desserts, the plating was flawless and coupled with the wafting aromas of freshly grilled meat, we could not wait to dig in. And we were not disappointed.

We started our food journey with a Roasted Pumpkin and Chicken Salad. The perfect flavours for Fall, this salad hit all the right spots with bits of perfectly cooked chicken, pumpkin and cottage cheese. Light enough to be enjoyed as an app and filling enough for those watching their waistlines, this salad is for everyone.

Next we dug into Gauchos Beef Tataki and we kid you not, it transported us into another world. Sliced beef with just enough seasoning to not overpower the juiciness of the meat, this Tataki is the best we’ve had in a loooong time. Meat lovers, DO NOT miss this.

For mains we had an assortment of Poke bowls and Steaks to choose from and we went with the Seared Steak bowl,Herb crusted red snapper bowl and Tomahawk Steak.

One thing Gauchos has gotten down perfectly, is the cook of the meat. The Tomahawk Steak was tender to the touch without being dry. And the creamed spinach that accompanied it is THE best we have ever had, and we’ve had a lot. A plus point was the dramatic presentation of the Tomahawk, a HUGE portion with a HUGE bone! Try the bone marrow butter as an add on, we can’t even describe the deliciousness in words.

From the Poke Bowls, the Herb Crusted Red Snapper was a stand out, especially if you’re one of THOSE people who don’t eat meat. The Snapper was moist and crisp on the outside, and the accompanying sliced and spiced Avacado was divine, perfectly ripened and smooth. And their signature sauce, oh my! What a treat!

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The Seared Steak Poke bowl is what dreams are made of. Sliced pieces of beef garnished with sesame seeds and served with sliced pineapples, we cannot  emphasise enough how well cooked the meat in this place is. All the ingredients work together to create a balanced dish, and one ingredient does not outshine the other. A seamless dining experience.

For dessert, we had something extremely special in the form of a Parfait Pudding, the star of which is the ever popular Lotus biscuit. This dessert stands out because it is an ode to the late mother of the owners of Gauchos, and is divine. Not too sweet and with perfect texture, this one is for those of us who aren’t huge fans of chocolate ( sorry , forgive us) .

Overall, our experience at Gauchos Steakhouse was a great one and there wasn’t much to fault. If you are a dedicated meat lover, make Gauchos Steakhouse your next stop and make sure you go hungry for a top notch experience.

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