“Dunk is a tribute to victims of false allegations of sexual harassment”: Fahad Mustafa

Dunk aired it’s first episode last night, starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed and Naumaan Ejaz. From the intense trailers to the intense first episode, it was clear that the show revolved around a controversial topic: false accusations of sexual harassment.

Talking about why he decided to produce this drama, Fahad said: “95% cases of sexual harassment are genuine but in some cases, people are falsely accused, so we have to tell every kind of story.”

“We [Big Bang Productions] have always tried to show different kinds of stories,” said Fahad. “We also made a drama Meri Guriya which told the story of [the rape victim] Zainab.”

The story, as far as the first episode revealed, is about the harassment faced by a student (Amal, played by Sana Javed) in her university by a senior professor (Humayun played by Naumaan Ejaz). Whereas Haider (Bilal Abbas) who studys with her fiance Amal, is an honest guy who stands with the truth and fights for what is right.

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The first episode starts off with a crowd of students gathered around raising their voice by boycotting classes and holding placards that say “Stop Harrasment”. The students are mobilised in an effort to support Amal in the harassment case against Professor Humayun. Haider is shown to be a supportive partner who stands up for Amal despite pleas made by the parents to keep the incident under wraps. 

For now, the drama serial looks well scripted and well directed. However, the topic of false accusations of sexual harassment is a tricky one. If not carefully handled, it could undermine the efforts made by the #MeToo movement. The first episode has garnered a lot of attention, and we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

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