Dua Mangi’s Kidnappers Finally Convicted and Put Behind Bars

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We can never forget the harrowing case of Dua Nisar Mangi and Haris Soomro.

The two were leaving a restaurant from the busy Bukhari Commercial Area in Karachi when a car drove up to them and kidnapped Mangi on gunpoint. Haris, who tried to fight them off, sustained a gun shot wound that led to serious injuries. Eventually, Mangi was returned unharmed but the suspects were still at large. Now, the tides have turned.

Mangi took to her Facebook to give the following update:

In the first hearing, Mangi had identified two members of the five member group who was responsible for the attack and kidnapping. On Monday, two more men were identified and put behind bars.

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It is rare for justice to prevail in Pakistan. We must consider this a win for the entire nation and we hope the criminals do not weasel their way out of jail through bribery and corrupt cops.

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