‘Don’t F*ck With Cats’: The BEST Documentary on Netflix Right Now

Dont F*ck with Cats is one of the most disturbing and amazingly twisted true crime documentaries out there. It revolves around the hunt for Luca Magnotta, a man who had been suspected of posting videos of himself abusing kittens and puppies online, but turns out to be much, much more dangerous over time.

The investigation is led by a group of online animal lovers, who are so outraged by the abuse videos that they study the videos frame by frame to figure out who the abuser is. Without giving too much away, Don’t F*ck With Cats is going to take you on a three hour rollercoaster of journey, with more twists and turns than Game of Thrones.

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You will not believe how it ends. For all the true crime buffs out there, this one is a MUST WATCH.

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