Daanish in Meray Pass Tum Ho Proves He is Not a Weak Character

In the latest episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho that aired this Saturday, the audience was ready to see Humayun Saeed play the doe-eyed character again. But can we be honest, his gentle streak was starting to irritate us.

While we are all for the sentimentality of love and sacrificing to ensure that the subject of your affection remains happy, it is noble and great. But how does anyone stand by and watch his or her partner go off with another person? While we don’t condone physical violence of any form and believe that no act justifies physical violence, we did expect some reaction from Humayun Saeed – the lack of one was starting to look unnatural.

And then there it was – the most powerful dialogue we’ve heard from Humayun Saeed so far (in this show): “iss 2 takkay ki larki k liye aap mujhay 50 million de rahay thay”


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And while there are some that blame Khalil Ur Rehman’s vindictiveness towards women as the only reason why Daanish lets Shahwaar go off with a simple handshake while he calls his wife “2 takkay ki aurat”, we believe that the answer lies in good ol’ self respect. When your partner cheats on you, it makes good sense to not yell at the person they cheated with – because they could just as easily turn around and throw your partner’s infidelity in your face. Who the hell would go for it?

All in all, the audience rejoiced watching Humayun Saeed utter those words because frankly, the bechara loving husband was getting a bit difficult to digest. While Humayun Saeed’s acting is truly impeccable in this show, we’d love to see a little more reaction out of him in the next few episodes. But will he? Or does his anger only stretch so far as calling his soon to be ex wife a “2 takkay ki aurat? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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