Model Walid Siddiqui Shares his Experience Travelling Internationally During Coronavirus Pandemic

Walid Siddiqui, who was born and raised in the USA but enjoys a career modelling in Pakistan, recently travelled back to the States amidst the Coronavirus pandemic as International flights have once again begun to take flight in and out of Pakistan.

The stellar model arrived at his destination safely, and was quick to share with his followers all he saw and experienced while travelling internationally, in terms of Coronavirus related precautions being taken by various airports:

Siddiqui called out all the airports he ended up hitting during his travels for the lack of SOP, starting from Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore. The model said, “Jam packed. No distancing. People bumping into each other, cutting each other to get ahead in lines. The usual.” He continued, “Not once was I checked for temperature. The Emirates flight from Lahore to Dubai JAM PACKED! No Social Distancing! No empty seats!”

He also criticised the ever popular Dubai Airport for the same reasons, ” Once again, was not screened for temperature.” “They closed off every other seat with a ‘do-not-sit’ sign that read “Maintain Social Distancing” yet, people were sitting in those exact seats.” He added the following flight did have empty seats, but most likely because “not many people booked to travel during this time”, meaning the empty seats were not intended to implement social distancing, but because the seats weren’t booked by anyone at all.

The model concluded with his experience landing in JFK Airport, New York, but this time he talked about the racial profiling he faced by Airport security, rather than anything related to Coronavirus: “And as usual, I get taken into a room for questioning by a customs officer asking me questions about why I was in Pakistan for this long to which I replied, “I model there” and to see the look on his face in utter disbelief because he doesn’t think any modeling exists in Pakistan. PRICELESS.”

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In short, Siddiqui’s experience travelling just further proves now is not the time to travel unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Despite what governments and officials are reporting, barely any establishment is implementing SOPs strictly. The only way to stay safe guaranteed, is to stay home.


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