Closet Decluttering Secrets: 6 Ways to Organise Your Closet

Do you have a dedicated chair where you dump all your clothes? Have you lost some of your favourite tops in a ever growing pile of clothes? Now that we’re in lockdown, you finally have the time to organise your closet, and in the long run, organise your life. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Sort your clothes in different categories.

This can either be broken down to eastern and western, or formal and informal, or pants and tops. Arranging everything by category means you will know where to look when you need your work blazer in a hurry in the mornings!


2. Clothes that tend to wrinkle should be hung

All the clothes that are more prone to wrinkles and creases should be kept separate. Put them in a hanger instead of folding them. It’s not possible to iron your clothes every time you want to wear them so by putting them in a hanger they’re ready to wear at a moments notice.


3. Keep your undergarments in a separate drawer.

A dedicated drawer helps you keep them separate and easier to pick when you want. Fold, or roll your underwear in a seperate drawer and keep a separate drawer for your bras because they cannot be folded. Keep them as they are and let them take some extra space if they do so they last longer and don’t lose their shape.

4. Hang your belts and scarves on hooks instead of taking up extra space in your cupboard.

Get a set of hooks and stick them on the inside of your wardrobe door to hang your belt and scarves on so you can save space in your closet for other items.

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5. Everyday items should be most accessible.

The clothes that you need everyday need to be more easily accessible to you, so keep them at eye level and easy to find. This way you won’t have to bend down or stretch up to pick out your favourite jeans or that easy breezy kurta you love so much.


6. Keep some chalk in your closet

You read that right, plain old white chalk. Chalk helps absorb extra moisture and prevents your clothes from smelling musky. It’s an easy and cheap way to keep your clothes smelling fresh and new!

It may tire you out but it will be worth it in the end so get to it!


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