Can COVID-19 Patients Get Reinfected?

Amid alarming reports of reinfection from South Korea, scientists have finally confirmed that the Novel Cornoa Virus cannot reinfect humans. A larger number of Corona virus cases that relapsed were actually because of testing error said the South Korean scientists.

Over the last few months South Korea saw over 10,000 confirmed cases with 245 deaths caused by covid-19. A 2.3% fatality rate which is considerably lower than the average of 3.4% as reported by the WHO .
A total of 277 patients in the country were found to have tested positive for a second time. South Korea wasn’t the only country to have this scare China and Japan were also reporting patients that had already been cured to have tested positive a second time.

This led to the speculation that the mutation of the virus was so fast that the human immune system was having difficulty coping with it. A follow up genetic analysis of the virus has not found any substantial changes that could effectively hide it from the antibodies already produced, laying the earlier concerns to rest.

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