14-year-old Girl Repeatedly Raped by 4 Neighbours in Rawalpindi, Gives Birth to Baby Girl

A 14 year old girl has given birth to a baby girl, after being raped by 4 of her neighbours over a period of several months.

The child did not report what was being done to her out of fear, as the rapists threatened to murder her father.

The Rawalpindi Child Protection and Welfare Bureau have taken the victim and the new born into their protective custody, while also demanding that the police provide protection for both.

The victim, who lodged a case on February 16 against the four suspects, will be presented in court tomorrow to record her statement.

The victim, whose mother had passed away and step-mother left after a fight with her father, was alone in her house. Her father left the house for work after preparing breakfast for her. Knowing that she is alone in her home for most of the day, a man from her neighbourhood came to see her and offered to help her with any outdoor work she needed done. The child refused, but the perpetrator named Asad Ali returned a few days later and raped her repeatedly. After a few days, he returned once again with a friend, named Bahadur Ali, and they both raped her at gunpoint.

An elderly man from the same neighbourhood, Abid, noticed strange men visiting the girl and went to investigate. Upon arrival, he saw the child in a helpless state as the two men had just fled after raping her. Instead of helping the girl and reporting the heinous crime, the elderly man also proceeded to rape her and threatened to tell her father what she was doing with the other men if she spoke a word against him. Another neighbour, Yahya, repeated this same scheme days later and also raped the 14 year old.

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The police arrested all four suspects after filing the case and sent them on judicial remand. The victim and newborn DNA samples were sent to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Lahore.

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