Zainab Salman Highlights The Importance of Self-Awareness With Her New Formal Collection

zainab salman new collection

Zainab Salman’s upcoming campaign, Ba’ztaab: ‘The Power of Self’- focuses on three pertinent components of life: Seek, Reflect, and Hear.

The campaign opens with the narration, “Woh tou hai koi, woh khud koi aur nahi, aakhir tou hee hai,” as a conversation with oneself, as a monologue. There is an exchange of ideas, and deepand communication with one’s inner self, much like when a woman looks at her reflection and reminds herself of the Power of Self.

Ba’ztaab: ‘The Power of Self

Zainab Salman new collection

The campaign Ba’ztaab reminds us that the validation we seek from others is not what we need. It is our voice that becomes our biggest strength once we connect with what lies within us – “What I am seeking is already within me” – a power we all possess as individuals but tend to forget at times.

Zainab Salman’s campaigns are a reflection of her journey. Speaking about the campaign, Zainab Salman talks about the process of creating a meaningful message:

“Through this campaign, I want to remind each individual of their self-worth. If I could tell something to my younger self, it would be that it is YOU who empowers YOU. It is you who completes you. Hence, the concept of the collection came forth. Where the world is focused on vanity, I want to focus on the imperfections and the process of embracing the inner self.”

Zainab Salman new collection

The brand’s contemporary ideology is not just about producing timeless pieces to be devoured by the naked eye; rather, it uses the medium of quality design to reflect deeper qualities of one’s character. Ba’ztaab: Self of Sense embodies just that by highlighting the complexity of a character at different levels.

The color palette for the collection itself has been kept very soft, yet the posture, body language, and eye contact of the models are very strong. Whereas there is a deliberate predominant use of whites to depict a sense of purity and peacefulness, the visuals of water represent power and wisdom.

The brand is here to live for tomorrow. It is celebrating resilience, power, and gratitude with its new campaign, Ba’ztaab – Power of Self.

About Zainab Salman

Zainab Salman

Spreading her wings in 2011, Zainab Salman has established herself as one of the leading designers, targeting the Asian, Middle Eastern, and European markets. Embracing the beauty of women recognized for their beautiful atheistic and attention to extravagant silhouettes has parted her from others in the industry.

Her works have been valued and touched its zenith of success both nationally and internationally. Zainab Salman’s forte lies in the blend of exaggerated cuts and ruffled tailoring with a fusion of colors. Detailing that floats within exquisitely handcrafted embellishments, embroideries, cut-work, and appliques.

Here is all the scoop from the creative mastermind in a Sunday Exclusive Interview.

Sunday Exclusive Interview

Zainab Salman new collection

Q1 What is the one thing that inspired you to go towards fashion?

The best thing about designing is that you can find inspiration anywhere and your mind never stops creating – there’s always something exciting to look forward to and this is what inspired me the most.

Q2 How do you select your color palette for a design season?

The collection’s mood has a direct impact on the color scheme. The color scheme is crucial to the brand’s identity; therefore I choose hues that complement the collection as a whole. In my recent collection, I used black as a symbol of power and sophistication which related to my Power of Self campaign.

new designer collection 2022

Q3 What is your favorite design genre (Bridals or Luxury formals) and why?

I enjoy creating luxury formals because they give me the freedom to explore new cuts, embellishments, and colors but we do have a new bridal collection coming up in November and I’m excited about that!

Q4 What is your inspiration for your collection this season?

All my collections are consciously curated after deep consideration for concepts that are relatable and which reflect my journeys while keeping our brand ethos in mind. I want to put out the best quality work but at the same time, something which delivers a powerful message. For this collection, in particular, that message was of self-realization, self-acceptance, self- worth. Ba’ztaab: Power of Self reminds us that the validation we seek from others is not what we need. It is our voice that becomes our biggest strength once we connect with what lies within us – “What I am seeking is already within me” – a power we all possess as individuals but tend to forget at times.

new designer collection 2022

Q5 Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Caroline Herrera is one of my favorite designers because of the elegance and complexity of her clothing and fragrances, and because she enjoys making ruffles and so do I, her style is incredibly glitzy and elegant.

Q6 3 essentials for the wedding season

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A formal pair of heels, perfect accessories, and a good makeup kit.

Q7 Trending fashion necessity for formal wear

For me, it’s bling, emeralds, and arm accessories.

zainab salman

Q8 What in your opinion is Pakistan’s best contribution to the fashion world?

The Pakistani clothing and fashion sector plays a significant role and significantly affects the country’s economy and creativity. Fashion is an outlet for creativity, and the fashion industry is a multidimensional enterprise involving many people, all of whom are contributing to the overall success of this sector. Fashion is more than just attractive style and attractive models.

Q9 A travel destination that always inspires you?

Any place that has calmness and peace gives me the most inspiration as well as soothes my soul.

Q10 3 Must-haves in your closet?

My gym tights, a pair of sneakers and a couple of t-shirts.

zainab salman new collection



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