In Conversation with the Duo Behind Amaltaas

We sit down with the hot new designers behind the brand, Amaltaas to discuss all things fashion:

What inspired this collection?

The inspiration behind this collection was an amalgamation of sorts – from the glory embedded in Turkish history to being inspired from luxurious patterns and silhouettes encapsulated in our own tradition. Eastern western fusion for the modern era.

How long did it take to put this collection together ? (Process of sketching – picking stone etc)

It was a timely process – be it drafting little elements or sketching our every minute brainwave that entailed an entire look, it took around 6 months!

What is your favorite piece?

The entire collection is my favourite, so to pick just one won’t be possible for me.

This winter season style do’s and dont’s?

Keep it class, real, & extra reel! Dont’s are always simple: know yourself & then pick and choose your silhouettes and shades!

Why did u go with Iqra and Yassir for the campaign?

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Well firstly because they are such a sterling couple! And secondly, because they are everyone’s favourite sterling couple nowadays, haha! They were the perfect fit for representing a brewing reel love that underscored our collection holistically.

Tell us something fun / memorable from your day on set:

There wasn’t one particular moment that I remember! But yes, Iqra has her quirks and Yasir’s jokes which make the time at the set pretty fun!

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