Step By Step Procedure For Voting In General Election 2024!

As we know, elections in Pakistan are in the limelight nowadays. General elections are scheduled to be held in Pakistan on 8 February 2024 to elect the members of the National Assembly as well as the Provincial Assembly. Therefore, the people must have complete know-how of the procedure of casting a vote.

Individual Registration

First of all, an individual must register himself for casting a vote for which he must SMS his CNIC number to 8300 in order to get information regarding his polling station.


Secondly, those individuals are eligible to cast a vote only if they are citizens of Pakistan, 18 or more years of age, possess a CNIC provided by NADRA and are residents of that electoral area considering Section 27 of the Election Act.

Original CNIC

As far as casting a vote is concerned, every individual must carry their original CNIC with them. No individual shall be allowed to cast a vote without original CNIC or having a copy of it.
As national and provincial elections in Pakistan are being held on the same day, two ballot papers will be given to each individual so be careful with who you are voting.

Stamp, Signature, and Thumb Impression

Before casting a vote, do check the stamp and signatures of the presiding officer at the back of the ballot paper. The vote will not be counted if the ballot paper is not stamped and signed.

Your thumb impression will also be taken at the entry point and the presiding officer will also record your voter number on the electoral roll as well as your ID card number and will stamp it with the official mark and sign it.

Cast your vote

Once all these steps are done, you can go to the voting room and mark the ballot paper.

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Lastly, make sure that you fold your ballot paper length otherwise the ink may spread onto the other candidate’s space and your vote shall be rejected at the time of counting.

Don’t Miss Your Vote!

Every individual’s vote is important and must be cast to bring a change in the country! One should not have this mindset that a single vote may not make a difference. Choose your leader wisely!

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