JS Bank, Inspiring Conversations at the Design Summit Lahore 01

The Design Summit Lahore 01, which took place from March 7–13, 2024, was a spectacular demonstration of originality and ingenuity. The Mariam Dawood School of Art and Design at Beaconhouse National University organized this historic event, which celebrated the transformative potential of design, across academic and geographic barriers in partnership with global partners. This unparalleled gathering of innovative brains, took place against the iconic backdrop of Lahore Fort. Prominent figures from the fields of innovation, academia, and design convened for this historic occasion to examine the evolving potential of creativity in influencing the future.

A Meeting of Great Minds: Honoring Diversity in Design

Notable guests and Design Summit attendees, fully engrossed in the components while appreciating the enlightening conversations.

The summit, which brought together notables from all over the world, functioned as a melting pot for concepts, viewpoints, and life experiences. Participants gathered to explore the many dimensions of design, spanning fields as diverse as architecture, fashion, digital art, and beyond. They ranged in experience from seasoned industry experts to aspiring creatives. In the midst of Lahore’s diverse cultural landscape, the summit promoted cooperation and exchange of ideas, igniting creative conversations and creating enduring relationships.

Throughout the summit, attendees were thoroughly involved in an experience of exploration, learning and understanding the many aspects of design through engaging keynote speeches, stimulating panel discussions, and hands-on workshops. Encouraging cross-disciplinary debate and collaboration, the summit covered a wide range of topics, from the complexities of artificial intelligence to the subtleties of planetary geographies.

Creating Alliances: JS Bank’s Dedication to Innovation

Tokens of Appreciation given by Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Vice Chancellor, BNU and Prof. Rashid Rana, Dean of MDSVAD, BNU to Mr. Sohail Sikandar, Chief Financial Officer, BankIslami; Mr. Imran H. Shaikh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer,BankIslami; Mr. Aasim Salim, Group Head – Distribution, BankIslami; and Mr. Noel John, Brand Manager, JS Bank.
 Mr. Imran H. Shaikh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, BankIslami, delivers an enlightening talk to the audience, providing valuable insights.

JS Bank, lead sponsor of the Conversations segment of the Design Summit, was instrumental in igniting discussion, encouraging creativity, and inspiring ambitious designers and business owners. The Rhode Island School of Design and the RISD Centre for Complexity collaborated to organize the Design Summit, with JS Bank’s unwavering commitment to promoting innovation, creativity, and economic progress in Pakistan being highlighted through the Conversations component. Driving positive change and inspiring future generations of design leaders, JS Bank embodied the spirit of cooperation and stewardship with a focus on sustainability, diversity, and collaboration.

 Inspiring Conversations:

‘Artificial and Other Intelligences’ – A panel discussion from the Conversations Segment Powered by JS Bank. L-R: Assoc. Prof. Alejandro Borsani, Ms. Pauline Esparon, Mr. Goliath Dyevre, Mr. Izmerai Durrani, Prof. Ijlal Muzaffar

The Conversations segment was the focal point of the summit. JS Bank demonstrated its dedication to promoting creativity and entrepreneurship in Pakistan by serving as the primary sponsor and playing a crucial role in stimulating meaningful discourse and innovation. Participants were prompted to reconsider the role of design in promoting societal change and economic success through engaging panel discussion and interactive session in the form of Hackathons. The first panel discussion, “Artificial and Other Intelligences,” examined intelligences that exist outside both artificial and human boundaries. The second panel discussion, “Planetary Geographies,” focused on interconnected global landscapes and environmental intelligence. The third panel discussion, “Design As Translation,” focused on the ways in which design facilitates cross-cultural knowledge and engagement. The fourth panel discussion, “Designing Pakistan,” discussed inclusive plans for the nation’s growth and prosperity.

 Designing Pakistan:

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L-R: Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Dr. Hafiz Pasha, Ms. Syeda Maureen Zaidi, Mr. Omar S. Hamid, Mr. Haseeb A. Gardezi

During the summit, one of the most notable sessions was the dynamic panel discussion entitled “Designing Pakistan.” The session examined how design, economy, and culture connect to shape Pakistan’s future. It was led by visionaries and experts in the sector, such as Mr. Imran Haleem Shaikh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BankIslami Private Limited, and Ms. Syeda Maureen Zaidi, General Counsel of Zindigi. The panelists’ perceptive viewpoints and provocative insights generated inspiration and conversation, opening the door for creative problem-solving and collaborations.

 Student Hackathon: Sparking Innovation

‘Gamified Savings Challenge’- Hackathon Led by Abdullah Bin Farooq and Awais Ahmed Laghari representing JS Zindigi, explored the role of design in the financial and banking sector
Tokens of appreciation being presented to participants of the “Gamified Savings Challenge’ -Hackathon, which was led by Abdullah Bin Farooq along with Awais Ahmed Laghari, representing JS Zindigi.

Apart from stimulating talks, the summit included an interactive student hackathon, which was arranged in association with Zindigi, JS Bank’s digital division. Students unleashed their creativity and problem-solving abilities under the direction of mentors and industry professionals, tackling real-world challenges with creative design solutions. The hackathon demonstrated the creativity and ability of young designers while also emphasizing the significance of collaboration and ingenuity in bringing about change.

In retrospect, JS Bank’s Chief Operating Officer, Atif Salim Malik, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Beaconhouse National University on the Design Summit. He emphasized JS Bank’s innate dedication to supporting initiatives that advance the arts, culture, and education. The goal of this cooperative endeavor was to foster discussions on creativity, innovation, and the unrealized potential of Pakistan’s young and indigenous talent.

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