Emerging House DJ Neha Khan Breaks The Ice On Hunza Verse On Momina’s Mixed Plate

Unfortunately in our society, women are still targeted above anything else. Where the world is trying to progress beyond the primitive mentality of pointing fingers at the feminine, our country has yet to learn more about their rights. In Pakistan, the news on assaults and murder of women has been rampant all over our screens, yet this mentality fails to falter. Addressing these matters while taking on another heavy topic with a special guest on the hot seat, Mominas Mixed Plate presented another powerful episode. Emerging house DJ Neha Khan broke the ice on being the only female performer at Hunza Verse, the severe cyberbullying which followed, and the rumors which circulated the internet.

The interview began with Neha discussing her early days listening to house music and how she was first introduced to the genre. She explained how she got into house in the Toronto underground music scene and fell in love at first sound. As the conversation progressed the elephant in the room had to be addressed. Recently a huge festival took place in the beautiful valley of Hunza where an array of musicians got together to perform. However, the event received a lot of unnecessary backlash which was particularly directed towards Neha Khan. The musician disclosed that after the event ended, several news pieces were out bashing the festival in many ways. “I fell asleep really fulfilled that I’ve achieved something good. But the next day I woke up and I was getting phone calls from my family and my inbox was flooded with death threats. People were telling me they’re going to kill me at the Hunza airport so I shouldn’t go back to Karachi. I didn’t know what I had done. I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know whether to be scared or what to do. My parents were calling me and telling me that my Instagram stories are coming out on news channels,” stated the house DJ.

When asked about the rumors which circulated social media and how the cyberbullying came about, Neha responded, “People were accusing me of trashing Hunza or throwing litter. None of us trashed anything, in fact, there were clean-up crews that were organized for the event. The fact that only I was being targeted because I was the only female performing there was very challenging and shocking.” This lead Momina Sibtain to reiterate how unfair it was that there were multiple other people as well as musicians who performed and yet the only female performer was targeted with death and rape threats. Sibtain ended the interview with the hopes that people could learn or extract the message from the episode that targeting women without any means is just not acceptable.

Momina’s Mixed Plate has clearly kicked off on a powerful note with the first three episodes being entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. Next week’s guest is said to be another celeb that we love and we just can’t wait to hear another round of burning questions from Momina Sibtain!

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