Using Ice Cubes On Your Face? This Is The Best Kept Beauty Secret EVER!

The temperature is rising and Summer is the one time where ice cubes become essential for staying cool during the heat. But the ice cube is not only to keep your drinks cool – it works wonders for your face (ALL YEAR ROUND) too.

Here Are All the Ways An Ice Cube Can Help Enhance Your Beauty:

1.An Instant Healthy Glow
Putting a cube to your face can dramatically improve circulation in the skin for that healthy glow we all want. To boost results, you can also brew and freeze rosehip seed tea, which is high in Vitamin C, as well as antioxidant-packed green tea. For application, you simply have to wrap an ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief and massaging it across the skin. (DO NOT APPLY IT DIRECTLY TO YOUR SKIN).

2.Fix Morning-After Puffiness

Submerge your face in a bowl of icy water and see the puffiness go away from your face. It works, we promise!  For more sensitive skins, and souls, after filling a bowl up a third of the way with whole milk, which contains cell-regenerative Vitamin A and naturally exfoliating lactic acid, add ice cubes before drenching a face cloth in the bone-chilling blend. Hold it across the entire face for 15 seconds and repeat up to five times.

3.Sculpt Your Cheekbones

Did you know that your run of the mill ice cube can actually sculpt your cheekbones? Work a frozen milk cube from the center of the chin along the jawline to the earlobe, then upward towards the highs of the cheekbones, under eye region, and across the forehead. Repeat the massage for 5 minutes to get the firming, contouring effect.

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4.Calm the Redness of a Breakout

Even though thr underlying cause of the breakout is bacteria, an ice cube can greatly reduce inflammation. The trick is to alternate ice cube application with a warm compress on the flare-ups for about six cycles. This stimulates circulation, allowing the body’s immune system to calm down and clear out blemishes and cysts.

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