These Quirky Mehndi Designs Make Us So Happy

Be it your own upcoming nuptials, or maybe your best friend’s, mehndi is an essential part of it all. If heavy duty, finger tips to elbow mehndi isn’t your bridal style, or you want your palms to stand out in a crowd of golu tikas and phool bootis, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Polka dots! Who knew they could make such an impact when it comes to mehndi?


See what we mean? So adorable!


A cool concept, we hope it looks just as good when we try it.


Mehndi finger gloves? YES please.


How delicate and pretty is this design?


Contemporary and quirky, the key to making minimal designs work is to use mehndi that leaves a deep stain.


A rosebud instead of a gola? Gorgeous.


The hipster in us is dying to try out this particular design.

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A unusual play on the classic filled finger tips and we love it.


Sparse flowers. So simple yet so impactful



The placement of these designs is everything.

Are you a fan of classic mehndi designs or are you digging this new take on mehndi like we are? Let us know in the comments below!

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