These Facial Exercises Will Give You Glowing, Younger Skin

Now we all know that exercise can help us get healthier, leaner bodies. You sweat it out and you can see the results over time. What if we told you – that you could do a few exercises to get younger looking, glowing skin?

All you have to do is work out your face muscles to tone, lift, and boost volume. We are about to show you some super easy facial exercise (we just recommend that you not do these in parks or in public – because some of them can be a tad bit embarrassing).

How Does It Work?

Facial muscles react the same way as your arms and legs do when you go to the gym to work out. The movement helps increase heat and microcirculation in those areas—the stronger the muscles beneath the skin, the tighter it looks on the surface.

Exercise #1: Fish Lips

It’s time to put those pouting skills to use, girls. But this time, take it a step further and do the fish lips.

1.Suck in your cheeks like a fish, with your lips pursed.
2. With your lips still pursed, smile as hard as you can.
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
4. Relax.
5. Repeat three times.

Exercise #2: The Kiss Face

1.Pout your lips like you’re about to kiss someone.

2. Smile as hard as you can with your lips still pursed. (Make sure to keep your eyes relaxed.)

3. Hold for 10 seconds.

4. Relax.

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5. Repeat three times.

Exercise #3: The Whistler

1.Make an “O” with your lips, like you’re going to whistle.
2. Smile as hard as you can, with your lips still forward in the “O” shape.
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
4. Relax.
5. Repeat three times.

6. Repeat steps one and two again.
7. Pump your cheek muscles up and down 12 times with your lips still in an “O” shape.
8. Relax.



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