Celebrity Dermatologist Approved Tips to Get Rid of Discoloured Lips

Whether you’re a smoker, or an avid chai drinker or you just like hanging out in the sun without protection, the darkening of the lips is something we all face at some point or the other. Little did you know, returning the natural colour to your lips and getting rid of pigmentation is easy as A, B, C!

Here’s what celebrity dermatologist  Dr.Kiran Lohia recommends to reduce pigmentation of the lips:

1. Honey can be applied on lips to get rid of dark lips. Apply some honey on your lips and let it dry. Let it stay overnight and repeat every day until you see the desired results

2. You can make a balm with strawberries and raspberries as an effective treatment for lip pigmentation. You can take either strawberry or raspberry or both and mix the with aloe vera gel to create a paste. Leave the balm on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat every day until you get lighter coloured lips.

3. Moisturising lips with olive oil can be an effective remedy for lip pigmentation. You can apply olive oil on lips overnight. Not only will it help in lightening of lips, it will also moisturise and soften them.

4. Applying lemon on lips can be an effective home remedy for lip pigmentation. Lemon has lightening properties which can help in removing dark spots and skin pigmentation.

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5. Beetroot juice can also be a home remedy for dark lips. Apply beetroot juice on lips and leave overnight. It can help you achieve beautiful and rosy lips.

Try these easy DIY’s and get one step closer to having baby soft lips full of colour!

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