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The changing weather conditions, different lip glosses and products we use to leave our lips dehydrated due to which they dry up very quickly and sometimes they crack away making it more uncomfortable for us. Most people use lip balms to overcome the need, but they aren’t enough. They don’t properly work to provide the lips with sufficient ingredients to keep them hydrated and soft for a long time.

Lip oils are formed through a combination of natural oils and healthful substances which helps to moisturize and nourish the lips. They act as a barrier against harsh ingredients that harm the lips.

Benefits of lip oils

  1. Hydrating

Applying lip oil regularly helps to properly penetrate the oil deep into the skin leaving it highly moisturized and preventing it from getting dry or cracking up despite the fluctuating weather conditions.

  1. Barrier against damaged and dry lips

As lip oils work on a surface level, accompanying a lip balm will help the lips heal more quickly. Applying the lip balm first and then a layer of lip oil will help the moisture and the beneficial ingredients to stay intact for a long time period, keeping the lips moisturized, and soft and getting rid of the damaged, chapped layer. This will also enhance the look of the lips by making them appear more glossy while acting as a barrier.

  1. Lightweight and non-sticky

Using lip oils instead of glosses to cater to chapped lips, one can get rid of the irritation caused when your hair gets stuck or glued to your lips due to the moisture of certain glosses. Along with that, lip oils are very lightweight and the application does not feel heavy making one comfortable and be at ease with the moisture and elements it contains.

  1. Contain healthy ingredients

There are a variety of lip oils that contain nourishing, healing, and hydrating ingredients that help the lips maintain a smooth texture and protect them from harmful and harsh substances. One should focus on the inclusion of grapeseed oil and coconut oil as they get easily absorbed and provide a concentrated moisture barrier. Vitamin E, avocado oil, and almond oil also work very effectively to restore lip moisture and smooth texture, keeping them hydrated all along.

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  • NYX fat oil drip: Fat Oil is non-sticky, has a high shine finish, and is comfortable to wear. Made with squalane, raspberry oil, and cloudberry oil, this product is loaded with fat to keep your lips flowing.

  • Rare beauty soft pinch tinted lip oil: A novel lip jelly that changes from a glossy to a light oil, leaving lips colored and comfortable—never sticky—for the whole of the day.

  • Benefit liquid lip blush and cheek tint: A few dots applied to your lips and cheeks will give you a rosy flush that looks natural.

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