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Tell us about Khaadi Khaas’ Translucent collection. 
It is a contemporary collection, where we have amalgamated a Western line into luxury pret. The collection has a younger, cleaner and more Western sensibility. The collection is called ‘Translucent’ and we have used hand woven fabrics, of various densities, which when layered, have different light reflecting qualities. In true essence, the name came about when we started embellishing our fabrics with Swarovski crystals and beads, which have both opaque and translucent qualities when placed on the fabric. We were inspired by Swarovski pearls and crystals the first time we visited their office in Dubai. People’s perception of Swarovski is limited to crystals only. The neon colored beads and the wide range of pastel stones inspired us to start working on this collection. Our moodboard had a lot of monochromatic colors, with pops of neon. We were looking at a lot of aerial landscape views, which eventually evolved into asymmetrical compositions for our garments.

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What made you partner with Swarovski? How did the collaboration come to be?
Swarovski approached us about an year back to use their crystal buttons in our unstitched line. It was when we visited their offices in Dubai that they offered us a wide range of products that we could use to create a luxury prêt line. We took a few samples from them, and upon returning, started brainstorming for a fashion collection where these beads and crystals could be used.

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What new trends does this collection incorporate? 
We have contemporized the hand woven fabric by using different thread counts in the warp and weft-to create a fabric which has helped accentuate our asymmetrical hemlines.


How long did you take to finish it?
It took about three months to finish, which includes the brainstorming, sampling and the final execution of the clothes.


Any disasters to report? 
The usual disasters with the tailors took place towards the final execution of the garments. The last week’s pressure gets the best of everyone!


When is this collection hitting the stores?
We’re hoping to produce a few of the pieces from this collection in the next couple of months.

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What can we expect to see next from Khaadi Khaas?

One can expect to see a lot of semi-formal and formal Eastern clothes in Khaadi Khaas. We are working on a Western collection, which should hit the stores by the end of the year.

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What’s your personal favourite piece from the collection?
The pink shift dress that Rubab Ali wore on the ramp. I feel it is a versatile piece; one can style both the dress and the organza coat together or separately, suiting ones dressing sense.

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