Strepsils Stereo Season 2: You don’t need music to express

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Strepsils Season 1 was one thing that people of Pakistan had never experienced before. Kicked off with a colorful rendition of one of Pakistan’s favourite patriotic songs, “Khayal Rakhna” featuring known artists such as music maestro Ali Noor himself, Rachel Vicajji, Zoe Vicajji, Sara Haider and Ahsan Pervaiz, this hummable underdog took over hearts by a storm. So much so, that it even gained the attention of music lovers across the border.

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Acappella: No Instruments!

Acappella is a genre of music in which all sounds are made through different vocal variations like Voice, Mouth, Stomps and Claps, without the use of any artificial instruments.

Strepsils Stereo Season 2: Let us have some more Acappella songs!

Last year, the beautiful rendition of “Khayal Rakhna” released on the Independence weekend captured hearts. This Independence Day, Strepsils Stereo is back again with ‘Mera Pakistan’ and we can’t stop listening to it. Featuring artists like Ali Noor, Ahsan Pervez, Shiraz Uppal, Kami Paul, Aisha Omar, Sarah Haider, Rabi Peerzada, Haddi Uppal and more than 100 other voices from across Pakistan. Amidst a sea of cover songs, they have launched an original, patriotic song invoking the patriotic sprit, an essence of unity and celebration. The song is the chant of hope, unity, diversity and joy of independence. It is not just any other patriotic song, it’s a song that every other individual can resonate with. The song is the voice of our nation!



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Ali Noor and Acappella: Music meets Soul!

Ali Noor launched his own record label BIY (Believe in yourself) Music in 2005. The basic concept behind this venture was to promote original music. He wanted people to start writing their own lyrics and composing their own music. He dreams of creating new wave of musicians instead of one-time wonders with a few hit singles.

The idea of Strepsils Stereo came about when BIY Music and Ali Noor thought of launching Acappella in Pakistan. Strepsils was ready with its relevance of providing a clear voice and relief from sore throats.

Strepsils Stereo and Acappella: A Brand!

Strepsils stereo is the first and only Acappella-driven music platform in Pakistan, which produces original music in collaboration with Ali Noor’s BIY Music platform. A brand of lozenges that is known to soothe the throats is now providing us with beautiful, melodious voices to groove to.

Strepsils is open to introducing new talent and the platform has been known to introduce new talent even in its previous season. This genre is one of a kind in Pakistan and really brings something new to the table!

Season 2 will be creating more awareness about Acappella music, to attract more people towardsthis genre of music. It will be interesting to see whether Strepsils Stereo can become the go-to platform for beat boxers in the coming season.

Here’s the link to the full song:

Let’s give a shout out to Strepsils Stereo and Acappella music!!



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