Song of Ceylon feat. Mira Sethi

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Actress and writer Mira Sethi reports back from her girly trip to Sri Lanka



A quaint little restaurant in Galle


Laughing fit in Sarong

Merging Sea and Sky (rooftop restaurant in Colombo)

Our crew - Myra, Abeera, Maryam, Mehru and myself

Outdoor shower - tropical modernism

Rooftop view from Colombo

Rooftop view from Colombo

Safari Adventures, but first, let me take...

Safari Adventures, but first, let me take…

The drive to Yalla Safari - clear blue skies and sun-scrubbed air!

The entrance to a shop in Colombo

The legendary Ministry of Crab Constitution

The most delicious pesto spaghetti, my favourite meal of the trip

The view from Galle fort

Whale-watching - Lost At Sea

Yalla Safari


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