How would you describe your personal style and taste in jewelry?

Along the lines of less is more. I’m always mixing and matching pieces. I get a thrill when pairing up classic traditional pieces with modern attire or vice versa.

How did that relate to the brand?

My brand, SOMA, means moon in Sanskrit, and I am excited to be presenting Vasundhara Jewelry for the first time in Lahore. I will be bringing classic and modern fusion pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the mood, and go with both Eastern and Western clothes. it is a very versatile brand and speaks to every kind of woman.

Who is behind Vasundhara Jewlery?

Vasundhara is Calcutta based and exhibits globally. She started off with making jewelry in her home and now runs an empire; a truly inspiring story!

What kind of pieces can we expect to see?

Kundan studded cuffs, hair clips and earrings. Necklaces and rings with a combination of stones and pearls. Something you can put on for lunch with relaxed jeans and  t-shirt, or pair up with a ghagra choli at night.

What are some of your favorite pieces? How would you style them?

I personally love this entire collection. I have chosen to show wearable pieces that you won’t get bored of. I love the classic kundan thick cuff bangle for the day, which I would wear with a shalwar kameez or even a very Western look. For a festive occasion, like a wedding, I think the kundan necklace is perfect, possibly paired with gold hoops or pearl drop earrings to add on the drama. I would definitely wear the hair clip and rings all the time, as they are super versatile. I love accessories that don’t go out of style.

Your jewelry will be on the ramp this time at PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week. How did the collaboration with esteemed fashion designer MAHGUL come about?

Mahgul is one brand that always throws incredible surprises your way, one after the other. You can never get bored of her beautiful cuts and exquisite designs, and I feel her outfits can be worn in more than just one way. When I saw Vasundhara Jewlery for the first time, I instantly knew that I would love to see her pieces paired up with Mahgul’s stunning outfits. Both designers think big and reveal fun, new and exciting collections to their clients. I can’t wait to see them on the runway together at PLBW 2015!

What can we expect to see next?

SOMA will be offering new and affordable fun accessories from all over the world through exhibitions, and we will be stocking at Mahgul’s store in Lahore shortly after the show. You can contact us through Facebook somaintl or check out our Instagram @somaintl to stay up to date with our latest news. SOMA will donate 10% of profits to benefit the underprivileged of Pakistan, as this goes along with the company philosophy to give back to our community.

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