Lipstick Trends this Fall


With Winter in full swing and your newly revamped wardrobe (boots, fur gilets and coats, done), updating your lipstick shades this fall is just as important. Mahnoor Farhan brings you a list of the perfect lip colours to use this fall.

1) Red


Makeup trends come & go, but red lipstick remains forever. Matte or glossy, deep or bright – a bolt of red lipstick can update your look instantly. In the winter season, when everyone wears dark colors, red lipstick can brighten your entire look, and make you look a thousand times more glamorous!

2) Plum


A gorgeous reddish purple shade, plum lipstick is winter’s take on the classic! From fair to dark skin, there’s a plum shade for everyone. If there was such a thing as a universally flattering shade, plum would be a contender.

3) Nude


Nudes look a bit out of place during the summer season because summer is all about bright colors, but they look amazing in the winter! Nude lips give you a sensous look, and go perfectly with heavily made up faces. If you want to go for a natural look, nude is your color!

4) Burgundy


If you want in on the super dark lip trend of the moment, burgundy should be your go-to! It creates beautifully sculpted lips, & is perfect for you when red just isnt doing justice.

5) Black


Dare to be dfferent this winter season with a black pout! Pulling off a black lipstick is not very easy, but the one’s who do, look like they’ve just stepped off a runway, such is the glamour of a black pout!

This season, spice things up with these unique lipstick colors, because fall-favored neutrals are so last season!

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